Providing services to children and their families in Montgomery County, PA


     Behavior Analysis & Therapy Partners, P.C., provides clients and patients a ready point of access to full service therapeutic treatment. Founded in 2008, the practice draws upon the abilities of a diverse team of experienced professionals to cover the broad needs of its clients.

The partners are:

Gary Ames, MA, MB  M.A. 
Gary earned his degree in  Psychology at  San Francisco State University . He earned his M.B.A. (Training and Development) at Temple University . Gary has been a college teacher, trainer and coach for 30 years. He specializes in biofeedback and neurofeedback. He trains athletes and executives for optimal performance. He treats children and adults for ADHD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, migraine, etc.  He is a licensed psychologist. 

Joseph Cautilli, M.Ed., M.Ed., BCBA
  Joe received his first masters from Temple University in Counseling Psychology and his second through Temple University ís Applied Behavior Analysis program in Special Education.  He completed his doctorate in School Psychology at Temple University in 2005. Currently, he serves as the Director of Clinical Support for Community Based Services for Children Crisis Treatment Center . He is licensed in Pennsylvania as a counselor and is board-certified in behavior analysis. 

      Joe has served as adjunct professor at two major universities.  He has written numerous published articles on behavior Analysis on various subjects, particularly the treatment of children with neuro-developmental disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders, as well as addressing social maladjustment and issues of adult and childhood criminal and victim behavior. 

     Our staff has been providing mental health services for many years, the partners bringing 60 years worth of experience to the table.  We work closely with our clients to determine exactly what their needs and goals are, and how to achieve results promptly and efficiently. Our clients expect results and we never forget that. Whether your condition is acute or chronic, we can help you.  Every step of our problem solving process should bring us closer to the desired goal.  We listen to you, and it is our philosophy to keep you and your family involved every step of the therapeutic process.

     The Partners are committed to protecting the health,  welfare and rights of our clients,  patients and their families. We respect your privacy and we will do everything ethically and legally possible to protect your privacy.